Preschoolers can be as different as night and day. Some are interested in academics, some in singing, dancing and painting, and others in building and crashing cars. At CASY we provide engaging, fun activities in all these areas. All students are encouraged to participate in all activities and projects.

CASY Preschool provides a non-sectarian educational environment where children learn through a well-planned sequence of exposure to a wide variety of experiences. Each child is challenged and directed at his/her own level as an individual with unique abilities and interests. Our goal is to foster self-esteem through achievement, recognition, discovery, and fun.

Young boy solving a puzzle
What makes it different?

Teachers, teachers, teachers. Without question, CASY’s caring, experienced teachers are the most important factor in providing a great preschool experience for your child. With an average tenure at our school of more than 10 years, our staff is unique to our industry in their experience, training, and dedication. Children at CASY know that they are valued and loved.

Teacher reading to four children
What is your curriculum?

CASY provides a broad based (lots of subjects) highly individualized, accelerated curriculum which develops problem-solving skills, pre-academic skills, arts, and social skills. Since 1984, we have prepared thousands of children for a successful school experience.

Casy Preschool
Are you an Arts school?

Our program is designed to develop students who will excel in Kindergarten and beyond. We have always believed that a balance of Arts & Academics pays big dividends for students. All of our students sing, dance and act. Art and craft activities are included in class activities daily. The arts build self-esteem, confidence, and creativity, highly desirable skills for an individual’s life.

Is CASY a Daycare? No.

CASY offers flexible additional hours in addition to a broad-based preschool curriculum. WHAT MAKES OUR PROGRAM UNIQUE IS THAT ALL STUDENTS REAP THE BENEFITS OF OUR HIGH QUALITY PRESCHOOL PROGRAM. We offer childcare from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. The Clubhouse program runs from 2:45 pm until 6:00 pm offering education and some structured free play . Scheduling is very flexible. CASY now offers childcare during intersessions for working parents. Students may Drop-In from 7:00 am until their class begins, or Drop-In for Extended Day or Clubhouse even on days your child does not attend in the A.M. Most families gradually add to their hours at CASY as the school year progresses.