The View from My Desk…April 2016

28 Apr The View from My Desk…April 2016

We have just concluded the performance of six well-done shows as well as an amazing art month.

Why bother?

Some of the most brilliant, artistic and successful people the world over were not successful in school (particularly K-12). To name just a few, Paul McCartney, Albert Einstein, Arianna Huffington and Gillian Lynne.

Great schools have more that high test scores. By exposing students to all subject areas in an engaging way, it is our hope to ignite a passion that will last a lifetime.

I urge you to read ” The Element” by Ken Robinson, Ph.D. or at the very least, view a few of his videos at “Ted Talks”.

The best hope for education in the U.S. is parents becoming educated about education.

It is worth your time.