Child solving a puzzle

“As a parent who is on my fourth child attending CASY School, I would without a doubt recommend CASY as the premier Preschool in Scottsdale. CASY provides a wonderful and creative environment for young children to learn and thrive. From the administration to the teachers, CASY is truly dedicated to making a child’s first school experience a great one. They treat each child as an individual and cater to their needs as well as teaching them to thrive in a classroom environment. My children were all extremely well prepared when they transitioned from CASY to public school and I would personally recommend CASY to any potential candidate.”


“CASY school has been an extension of our home for our three children for the past 5 years. From discovering themselves in the “2”s program to kindergarten preparation in the “4”s, we saw them blossom into creative, confident, capable children.

In the classroom, teachers foster a caring and safe environment where children never feel overwhelmed or pressured. Through play and exploration, they learn so much that they are constantly surprising themselves and us.

Everybody in the school, from teachers to directors and school administrators, take a sincere personal interest in our children, it truly feels like home.

We truly feel blessed to have found CASY and to have spent the last 5 years learning, singing, doing plays and growing together. ”

The Cooley Family

“We have been extremely happy with CASY and we would highly recommend this school to anyone preschool age. The biggest difference we found is that the other schools seemed to be an extension of daycare where CASY is a place where children can go to learn and have fun. ”


“My family has been involved with CASY Preschool for the past 6 years. We have loved every minute of it. Our girls grew and flourished both academically and socially throughout their years at CASY. We have enjoyed the classes and the teachers. Not to mention the life long friends our family has made along the way.”

A CASY Parent

“CASY Preschool has provided my children an incredible early childhood foundation. The teachers are warm, nurturing, experienced, and they help make kids develop social confidence as well as fundamental learning skills. It is truly an exceptional preschool and unique from others. CASY encourages exploration, problem solving and discovery through their program. Our experience has been above and beyond what we ever expected from a preschool setting. CASY is surrounded by involved parents, top-notch teacher and a wonderful environment.”


“For the past 6 years, I have had all four of my children attend CASY Preschool. My husband and I have been thrilled with our experience each year. Every teacher has been nurturing, creative, artistic, fun, and academic all at the same time. We have been amazed with the multitude of creative art projects that our children brought home on a daily basis. CASY teachers instilled my children with a passion for learning, a love of art and music and desire each day to want to go to school. The teachers have an incredible ability to make each child feel special and fully appreciated for who they are. Self confidence is an everyday occurrence at CASY Preschool. Additionally, the CASY administration has been accessible and wonderful to work with. They have always made classroom decisions for my children based on what was best for each child individually. Their choices have always been impressive and right on the mark. I whole heartily recommend CASY Preschool!

Barbro Checkett

“I have had my two boys go through CASY Preschool and after 5 years I could not possibly be happier. They are a school that continues to go above and beyond in every area. I have always felt welcome in the classrooms and on campus by all. I have always felt well informed about  my boys and the goings on at school. However, the highest recommendation that I can give CASY is through my boys. They love to go to school. I think that says it all.”