President Obama’s State of the Union

11 Jan President Obama’s State of the Union

President Obama’s State of the Union speech brought a spotlight back on education at a time when many of you are busy planning your children’s educational future. When we operated CASY Country Day School, our students’ test scores were consistently the highest in the state. I am confident that our fourth graders could hold their own in math against students from any country in the world. The reasons for their academic success are crystal clear to me:

  • Good preschool prep (guess where?)
  • Academically talented students
  • Supportive families
  • Great Teachers

Here are a few things to consider when planning your child’s educational future:

1. More is more. Research shows that after six weeks off, students begin losing knowledge. We need at least 200 days of school, 170 as is now planned will be a disaster.
2. Most students will remember only a few teachers who really motivated them to excel and showed them the joy of learning. Seek them out.
3. No curriculum is magic; it is the teacher who presents and explains it, who brings it to life. Great teachers always set the bar high.
4. Learn more. Many parents fail to recognize that learning comes in many forms. It is wonderful that most of our K-Prep (4s) students are reading, but have you ever thought that a four piece puzzle is actually your child’s first geometry problem and that language development and social skills that are developed in a quality preschool environment are valuable tools for everyone and last a lifetime.

With your strong support, your children are likely to be very successful, like thousands of other former CASY students. Hang in there!