Arts, Music, Athletics, Drama and Foreign Language

02 Oct Arts, Music, Athletics, Drama and Foreign Language

CASY believes that preschoolers and elementary school students should be exposed to lots of art, music, athletics, drama and foreign language in addition to pre-academics and time to play.

Below is a brief description of what is being done in those special areas:

Group Sings – John and Diane Spero – We had our first “all school” sing last Wednesday on our large covered patio/stage. The 2s, 3s, 4s and OPK programs attended. The Mini 2s will join us soon. Much fun was had with mostly familiar songs (ABC, The Wheels on the Bus, Fire Song, Autumn Leaves and more). Good weather calls for more of these relaxed song fests.

Drama – OPK has begun learning songs for the first show of the year titled “The Little Lost Witch”.

Spanish – Ms. Diane – The 3s, 4s and OPK programs have Spanish class weekly which is reinforced in the classroom and at home. Our youngest students are being introduced to sign language. The classroom teachers frequently sign and teach sign throughout the morning.

In Spanish, our three year olds are learning their colors and numbers. We are using familiar English songs and introducing them in Spanish with music and movement. We are beginning to learn phrases, greetings, commands and counting to ten. Our 4s and OPK students are counting to 30, adding and subtracting in Spanish. We are reviewing phrases, colors and vocabulary from last year. We will be adding words from the family, parts of the body and names of clothing as we add to our vocabulary. Old favorites are finger play, “Dedo Gordo”, and our “Spanish Counting Song”.

Music – Ms. Kristen – We are having fun in music! Our classes are full of movement, instruments, familiar songs, new songs, classical music and rock and roll!

In September, we had a ball moving and grooving to a freeze dance, the song “Sticky Bubble Gum” and the “Beautiful Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss. We have also learned such tempo definitions as “moderato”, “vivace”, “staccato” and “adagio”. We have played with shaky eggs and scarves while we learn about keeping the beat.

October is a fun month in music as we look forward to Halloween. We also will be learning a few songs about fire trucks and fire safety, as it is fire safety month. Our 4s classes are all getting ready for upcoming performances. OPK is busy practicing “The Little Lost Witch” to be performed near Halloween and our 4s programs are readying for “Stone Soup” which will be performed near Thanksgiving. Watch for details!

P.E. – Ms. Mindy – It has been a dancing good time in P.E. this past month at C.A.S.Y. We have been moving and grooving while working on our coordination, balance, and rhythm. Turn the music on at home, and ask your child to dance with you so they can show you what they have been practicing. We have done the twist, the swim, the monkey, raising the roof, and all kinds of crazy moves. It was a rocking good time! Our next unit in P.E. will be spent outdoors on the basketball court where we will be practicing our dribbling, passing, shooting, and playing basketball games such as monkey in the middle and other fun activities. At home, you can reinforce what we are working on in P.E. by helping them with their catching skills, dribbling, and just playing with all sorts of balls.

Art – Classroom Teachers – Is a daily activity in our classrooms. We provide open- ended activities such as painting, finger-painting, play-dough, open ended crafts (glue it anywhere you like!) and craft copying (“can you glue the buttons like mine”). Our program encourages creativity as well as the valuable skill of duplication.

Amazing 2s and Mini-2s programs – We are fortunate to have wonderful students in these classes this year. As I walk through these classes, I am amazed by the their knowledge, adjustment to school, and in many cases, their outgoing personalities and language skills. The teachers have done a great job moving these classes forward.

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